psycho killer. kess ka say... run run run away.

this is something that i am hearing not because i "own" it (as they missuse own out here) but because my itunes on my laptop connects to other peoples itunes. it happens when i mark "share". i get to scroll through (and listen) to other peoples' libraries. thats the jist of it.

oh. did i mention that i am at an airport? code word for this airport is SEATAC. stands for SEATTLE & TACOMA. just in case you didn't know. i myself just put the two together.

i've been here for a while now. this hour actually marks my 12th hour of travel. not counting the 4 i spent yesterday night - or last night - MISSING the original flight.

oh shit. i've gotta change this next selection. i thought it would be fun to get to know tears for fears? oh - well the person who was lending his library just made the decision for me, and turned his off. boo hoo. i'll stick to my music. of course being fashionably late on most things - i am enjoying that kanye west album.

did you know that kanye busted his jaw and had to have it wired shut? its personally something i've always hoped for. a reason to stop my mouth from opening. must have been nice. i'll bet he got a lot of work done - as in writing lyrics, etc. while he was sick.

maybe being really really sick - like terminal - is like being stuck at the airport. thats terminal too. in a way.

i was planning on spending my layover in Denver. But Tasha is gone on some little trip. so i'm here in Seattle again. I was planning on walking around, but i have a heavy bag with me, that i did not check in. so i instead spent the day on my ibook watching netflix movies, learning imovie, writing, emailing, editing photos, and learning more tips for operating this here new thing that is so much fun. i can't imagine what someone did at the airport without an ibook. and i've done that! i've spent whole nights in airports. god what did i do? how horrid.