McNears Beach Art

There's an artist in my neighborhood! Or at least someone who seeks balance...


I fell in love with the beach town Ventura. I've been wanting to go there ever since I moved to CA. I'm glad I finally was able to make the trip. It would be such a dream to live here. maybe some day with a partner in crime. who knows. :)



Brief 2011 visit with Cassie & Mia in the VALLEY:


When I first moved to CA, i was a devout reader/follower of this: coastal california by john doerper. i know i've written about him before. i'll find that when i have a sec.

ANYWAY - I explored Ventura & Santa Barbara this past weekend - with 1 main mission: eat a taco at the tacqueria that Julia Childs was psychotic* about. And so, of course, I did.

Diptych of meal. (please note, i wasn't that hungry - I was thirsty...

obligatory line around the block.

the trusty ol' miata - through the blinds

Tortillas are hand-pressed & fried right before you consume... (look beyond the couple at the tortilla gal.

*not really, but it sounds kind of funny to say julia is psychotic about tacos. :)


isn't it funny how you meet a bunch of new people and then after you say goodbye, you go and all connect online?

so in essence - you meet people physically, and then you meet them virtually.

makes me wonder if my online presence conveys who i am. in a way, it does. and then in another way, its so so so so so so terribly off.

what i think when animals watch me eat:

I can't tell if you love me or hate me.

Seaofdreams NYE2011

Seaofdreams, originally uploaded by hellodeer.

last night i walked right into a 100 dollar burning man party. the warehouse took up an entire block in SoMa. It was apparently the place to be. Again, I just walked in the backdoor.

On the main dancefloor, even though everyone was covered in green glowing dots, i'd rather be at home with my dog.

I tried to let go of my spirit, and just float through the crowd, but everyone kept getting in my way.

I feel the same way about the burning man crowd - as i did about my first time to SoHo in 1998: Why is everybody dressed the same?