the eraser

do this -

and then read me:

so the next round of testing will be on our returning soldiers from iraq.

is their pain involuntary?

obviously so? if so, then would the people sending the involutants to war be the rapers? the killers? the accidents and terrible memorymakers?

if we are sending our boys to iraq, so that they can come home and have the whole thing erased, why send them in the first place.


i had a couple people over on memorial day. in the prep beforehand, i was doing some mild cleaning. of course, i found about 80 cool things - there was apparently, a very tasteful, very rich roommate here before me, who left a ton of stuff. so i found the awesomest mixer ever - the oster original.

its changed my eating habits forever. for example:

breakfast: eggs. - scrambled in the mixer!
lunch: grilled tuna, with fresh mango smoothie!
after work: margarita!!
dinner: enchiladas with mango/mint/strawberrie smoothie!
bedtime snack: vanilla milkshake!

its all about incorporating one item or simply making-up-an-excuse-to-use-the-mixer into your menu.


i went to a birthday party this weekend in portland for GGMA (great grandma). She turned 100. sadly i was breifed on who to hug & not to hug. after i was told WHY, i obdiently obliged. the party was a success. and hot. can you believe that it was humid and 90 in oregon??? odd. the only thing was that my GMA (grandma) didn't know aobut the breifing, and introduced me to someone i didn't want to hug, so i tried to walk away as fast as i could, but GMA grabbed me by the arm, and made me hug the hurter. my mom saw what was going down, and ran across the porch to introduce me to an uncle named sam. UNCLE SAM?!?!? i exclaimed! and then i met uncle sam.

that was the only akward moment. well, that, and my GGMA saying that she didn't know me. thats fine. the chicks a hundo. what can you expect. after, however, my GMA introduced me, she was actually excited adn said ANISE! so i guess she knew me after all.

walking in to the party, GGMA was sitting in her wheelchair by herself. a huge crowd followed, and all of a sudden about 20 flashes went off. it was like she was a celebrity! even i was moved to tears, because i had heard so many stories about the woman, and now here and there she was! it was moving.

after all was said and done, i just wanted to ask her - "how do you feel?" like, can you please tell me honestly how 100 feels? you know how they say 30 feels no different, 40 is the same, 50 is blah. you know how they say that? i'll be somwhere between 50 and 100, you are like "IT FEELS LIKE HELL!"

or maybe not.