zach & i are pimping out our local bike shop, and finished our many projects this weekend! I will put before & after pics up - once they hang the "shop hours" sign.

i'm really happy with the way things turned out. making signs is a lot like knitting - you have to be OK with making progress, and then re-starting midway. i can say with confidence that each sign was re-painted at least twice... so anyway here are snippets from our sign handywork:

alternative cartographies

i had a really interesting sunday afternoon. i was the photographer at the headlands art institute. i've been wanting to get involved with them, so it was very fun for me.

here is the full set through the headlands flickr page.


after the event, i drove around the headlands. this was the view:

2 times

this is the second time i've asked someone out on the fly, and they are going to hawaii the next day.

what is up with that state.

timelapse night sky

i love this couple. i hope someday they get featured in "bay area power couple" or something like that.

her husband documents the tropical plants growing, and it looks like she took over the camera to capture the night sky.

spend some time watching.


one my best friends stuball jones has exquisite taste in music.

his max roach post from today just gave me an idea for thanksgiving.

doesn't this just make you want to stand around while the turkey is cooking, and start drinking gin & tonics? its on my list of things to do this thanksgiving.