there is a yellow cloud filled with mucous on my eyeball. to the right of the green part. on the white round part.

isn't that strange? so after a few modified googles, i read that it is a normal thing that one might get when they have extra mucous in the body. like a stuffed up nose, or a scratchy coughy throat.

a google search that started with "eye cancer" and ended with "eyeball".
recover post recover post recover post

bright apple bright apple bright apple bright apple

there are 5 people in my house. 2 of us are awake.

tossing and coughing over feelings hurt and milk that never got spilt.

there is another person that is high. sure, he's asleep, but i wouldn't doubt he's asleep high.

however that works out.

there are two other people - of blood relation - sleeping.

one silent. one not.

and then there is a dog.

sleeping when he is tired. walking when he wants to walk.

catching balls with his teeth.
there is a new chubby girl at the house. she drove from santa rosa tonight in the rain.

he likes those girls with chubby bodies, and rosey faces. she's chubby with a rosey face.

my dog took a liking to her, but me being the selfish twat that i am, walked out into the living room and took my moochey dog away from her chubby side.

now he breathes deeply beside my legs, as she coughs on his smoke.

they called me from seven eleven to ask me what i wanted since they didn't have charleston chew nor peanut butter m and m's.

twix i said. carmel of course.

last of the burritos

i registered for something today that i registered for one year ago.

to the date. she said as she marked my new number, and said it was two bigger than the old number.

i told her it was okay because it has been a year.

yes. to the date.

and then i drove back down the redwood highway. i was going to be a good girl and drive right on past the baja fresh, but then made the exit and ten minutes later was tearing apart a baja burrito at baja fresh. express. i had never been to baja fresh, and now i have. so now that i have crossed that one off the list, i really don't have any other burrito joints that i haven't tackled in the north bay.

restaurants i still have to try:
fish - the sausa
buckeye roadhouse
marin joes

thats about it.

my dog was so pushy today. pushing up against me. it was all i could do to grab him with a bear hug and just hold the poor thing. such a lover he is. so i held him for a while, and told him i loved him.

last night i watched the tao of steve. the fatist comment got my panties all bunched up. once again, once again. women can be fat, but men cant. please. give it a rest.

she liked to push me.

songs for silverman is one of my favorite albums of 2005. well its merging into 2006 - so maybe i will like it better in oh six, but for right now, since i discovered it in oh five, i'm sticking with putting it in the top ten.

howard stern was on larry king tonight. he was talking about how fun it was to simply pick up his receiver on new years day and just give it a whole stream of consciousness about whateverness.

miles and miles and the sun's going down.

that is what is playing in the background as i pull a howard stern here on this computer.

my roommate is riding his motorcycle right now on tiburon blvd., to pick up a movie for us to watch. he found out that i had yet to see the wedding crashers, and thought he should be the young steed he is, and mount his bike and go and fetch the goods for the fair maiden.

we are also waiting for a woman in san raffie to call us back about a puppy we might be getting.

i'm just now finding out what it was all about.
we moved to teh west coast
away from everyone

i think i hear his bike. he doesn't care about blogs or emails or computers. he doesn't even know what a blog is.

one of those.

anyway. i'm going to go watch the wedding crashers. but first i'll give you my top five albums that i enjoyed during 2005.
1. wilco - a ghost is born
2. springsteen - nebraska
3. college dropout - kanye
4. outkast - speakerboxx
5. why does there have to be five? i'm stumped. forget five. i'm going with four.