monique has the cutest dog on the planet.


a little night swim last night so i could enjoy every second possible of the minor miniature heat wave we were blessed with this week. i'm off to alaska tonight! very exciting.

i'll leave you with a song. In honor of Alaska, i was going to attach Big Dipper by Built to Spill off of their album There's Nothing Wrong With Love. But when I went to go listen to it again, I got stuck on the song before Big Dipper - Reasons. I love this album - well, I loved it like 12 years ago. Built to Spill is one of those bands that you re-visit. So anyway, here is the second track from There's Nothing Wrong With Love - Reasons :

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(i like the part "lets make a movie") makes me so so so happy.

come through me
you arrive and I'm on fire
subdue me
to explode that you inspired
so groovily
second episode all smiles
let's make a movie
in the name of all great liars
improvising Kaufman style

they are all reasons to me
they are all reasons to be
they are all reasons to see
they are all reasons to me

how the hell do you do this?
change the colors shapes and size
I'm clueless
not one thing I recognize
so foolish
every now's a big surprise
help me to get through this
stay with me until I die
there's nothing else I wanna try

they are all reasons to me
they are all reasons to be
they are all reasons to see
they are all reasons to me

walkswithrowdy- august

this new neighborhood is full of blooming surprises.


this artist stopped me in my tracks today.



kids leave for college.
dogs never do.

maybe thats why we get so attached. they never leave the home.


sterngrove, originally uploaded by hellodeer.

i love stern grove because its free, and peaceful. sure, parking sucks, but so does the weather. whatareyougonnado. nothing.

anyway, i'm excited for rouge wave on sunday. i don't really care about there might be giants. but i'll be there early for rogue wave. i don't have their latest album, and was too busy this week to get it & prepare myself for the concert. again, whatareyougonnado. nothing.

so it took me a hot minute to decide which song to attach to this post. they have so many sweet, slow, harmonious ballads - but i'm going to choose Nourishment Nation from their album Out of the Shadow (my current fave right now) because maybe it is one solid song that has been overlooked? i dunno.

update - altho i wanted to attach nourishment nation, i'll have to attach Christians in Black (from Asleep at Heavens Gate) because that is an mp3, and drop io didn't like my mp4...

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love you. have a good weekend.

two crows - herman dune

wake up in the morning. feel like fried zuccini.

happy friday. hooray.

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play this song. do yourself a favor and listen to it with your body. dance around. close your ears. dance around. play this song again. and again. well play the whole damn album.

i've had this album for about 3 years? and heard it a different way last night. isn't it fun how our ears age too?

anyway. hope you are dancing right now. its good for you. cut loose. cheers.

"do you mind if i play this song again?"
"go ahead"

Two Crows:
two, two of you stepping on the pier
two of you, of you guys, stepping on the pier
and i can notice by the way you're walking
that you're not right here
and i can notice by the way you're walking
that you're not right here
two ghosts in the morning but you can't fool me
two ghosts in the morning but you can't fool me
why is that, that on a rainy
you're walking your crows out, on a leash
why is that, baby, that on a rainy
you're walking your crows out, on a leash
two ghosts in the morning but you can't fool me
two ghosts in the morning but you can't fool me


While taking Rowdy on his morning walk, I decided to run a couple of laps around the track at the High School. Ignoring the “no dogs” sign, Rowdy & I snuck in, and I began my run. To my surprise, Rowdy thought this was a game, so he started running along with me. After about 2 minutes though, he was losing speed, and fell behind. Rowdy has weak hips, so I started to feel bad for him. I yelled back “hey old guy – you don’t have to run. I’m doing this for me. Just go sniff around.”

Just as I finished my sentence, out of nowhere, Rowdy barreled by, passing me in another lane. I start laughing and realized that maybe I offended him with the “old guy” comment.

I apologized “hey I’m sorry! I’m just looking out for you”. He looked back at me, and what seemed like - accepted my apology, then slowed down to keep pace with me. At this point I was about halfway there. We trotted along – him in lane 8 - me in lane 9, both of us out of breath, we pushed our stout selves to the finish line! He ended up beating me by a nose (I’m going to claim physical attributes on that one).

After we finished, we were both relieved and tired - but energized! I gave him a big pat on the head and scratched his neck. He looked up at me, raised his eyebrows, and gave me a big toothy smile. It was one of those moments where, honestly, I can’t really explain in words, the spirit of my dog. I started laughing at how ridiculous we must have looked on that track this morning. One out of breathe, pudgy owner and her old wine barrel of lab, panting around a track - just for the hell of it.

Beck's website

is really cool. (total shocker right?)

anyway, today i've been digging his record club idea while i edit.

oh stop

its raining in seattle
its foggy in san francisco
somebody got shot in oakland

well, now i'm just making shit up.

i'm not funny

just observant.

no impact man

i know i know, i'm late to the party on this one...

i finally had a minute last night to watch a movie! ah the joys of summer. so i cozied up to "no impact man". here is his blog. what i thought would be a boring, just-another-dude choice (i had a backup), ended up being a movie that actually made me laugh loudly, yes, CRY (quietly).

this movie is about a nyc man & his family who attempt to have no environmental impact for 1 year. the movie ended up being more about the sacrifices and compromises in relationships. i was more impressed by this couple, than i was by the point he was trying to make. it was powerful when the wifey turns her frown upside-down, and joins her husband in the tub where he and the daughter are stepping on clothes in an attempt to do the laundry.

i would recommend this movie more as couples therapy before i would recommend it as environmental literature.

i hope this doesn't discredit the work or the main objective of the movie. maybe i am saying this because i live in the microbubble of marin, where most of my friends are already actively conscious of what we need to do to lessen our impact.

like i said in the beginning of this post, i'm clearly late to the party on this movie. it was released in january. i haven't read any reviews. i don't really even want to google the outcome - did she have a second child? are they still married? do they still live in the city?? i kind of just want it to remain as is in my mind, because it was just that powerful.

rent it to watch a strong, loving, reasonable relationship where both parties are active, coherent, participants. its brilliant.


sunspot, originally uploaded by hellodeer.

i forgot about this image. i love it.


some friends and i were brainstorming names for that specific group of kids that are the following:

men: waxed mustaches, suspenders, linen/collarless shirts, local, organic, microfarmloving, microbeerloving, 10 speed bikes, vintage obsessed, tattoo of a paring knife on left forearm
women: vintage dresses, choppy hair, local, organic, microfarmloving, microbrewloving, 10 speed bikes with basket, etsy profile, indie band blog, small tattoo of the mortons salt girl on inner right calf.

what to do??? those kids need a name! they are not hipsters, they are not beard rock, they are not fix-ies, they are not farmers, they are not gearheads. they are all of those things and more.

so i got a text the other night:
"Anise, we are in a bar with handlebar moustache type dudes again, and thought of a name for the style/subculture. It's 'DAPPER DANS' thought you should know."

"ok" i thought. and then i thought it might be cute to call the girls dapper dames.

but in the end i texted back:


i like the sound of that.