slow curb

my learning curb is sometimes off. thing is, i'm actually pretty smart. i'm simply rather modest.
well, in a thinking sense. however. you can talk me into anything.
well, within reason.
drinking sure does make this lock with chain,,, break a bit.
and smoking sure does instill doubts and deeps.
deeps that mean nothing.
i can i can i can
be upset
i am i am i am
taco salad
fruit with oatmeal
mint with cacao.

i am
chickpeas and avocado.
daily special

hairspraybangs eyeswithlines dirtysweater girlswithhugs standbywork listenintoothers drinksomebeer keepheraround getmorebeer mtvmade 5.6ontherichterscale

oh yeah

i wish i could remember that cartoon i thought up while having a slice of pizza the other day.
and whats the morrisey about it, is that at the time i said "self: don't forget this one." and i said "of course i'm not going to forget. its brilliant!"
"maybe you should put it in a draft text message."
"but my battery is dead. that is a sign that i will remember"

i forget.


today i was reminded that i can't be bothered with someone looking after my hours and activities 40 hours a week.
there's got to be a better way.
until i find the better way.
i'll have to do it their way.
thats just the way it is.

new love

right here folks

yep. add another scruffy husky to the list. lets just call them scrufkys who knows where this love originates.

bluegrass fest was rad. i got to wear a fedora, and my plaid dress, and open-toed click heels, while walking around with my dog. rowdy is a great accessory - when he behaves...

i felt san francisco spirit this weekend again. so that was helpful, because ever since watching the bridge movie, i've been kind of in the dumps.

the bridge the movie about suicide during 2004 was NOT happy. so far, 34 people have jumped off the bridge this year. suicides are up. so is my obsession with the count on that damn bridge. 2 years ago i couldnt look at that bridge without feeling some kind of accomplishment. now i look at the bridge and am grab the closest thing next to me for a hug. 1 year ago i looked to the bridge for pride - biking across the bridge daily, filled my life with accomplishment.
my point? take caution in watching the movie: THE BRIDGE.

there are better things to talk about.

my 16th one true love jim james is in BECOMING DYLAN -