new lens

passionflower, originally uploaded by hellodeer.

i got an adapter for christmas - so i can use all of my film lenses on my digital SLR. yippee!

my first pear tart

my first pear tart, originally uploaded by hellodeer.

crust from miette cookbook was a little soft... but the idea was from mark bittmans rustic pear tart. clearly i threw the word rustic out the door when the going got tough.


gloweye, originally uploaded by hellodeer.


e,t&j, originally uploaded by hellodeer.

I would like to re-make this video with a marginally pretty slightly overweight girl

no one this pretty & stylish knows this much sadness. whats her problem? she's probably sad someone covered joni again. no offense james blake. i do love you. i bought your album & i like it.

(James Blake - A Case of You) another james blake that i adore:

I stopped by the greenroom for this one:

Midi Matilda Day Dreams:
Skyler Kilborn and Logan Grime make up indie electro-pop group, Midi Matilda and their music skills are matched only by their directorial talents, which can be seen in their self-produced clip to the track Day Dreams.

Shot over ten nights in San Francisco and Berkeley, California, the video was filmed in a studio and then that product was projected onto surfaces around the aforementioned cities. Kilborn and Grime then took 3,300 photos of the projections to make up each frame of the advanced stop-motion project.

The end result is an almost seizure-inducing clip, reminiscent of cartoons that are placed in real life settings. Think Teeny Little Super Guy from Sesame Street or the Flight Of The Conchords video, Carol Brown which was directed by the brilliant Michel Gondry. It cleverly utilises the plethora of surfaces in the cities; from people, walls, lampposts and trees. The choreographed dance moves that Midi Matilda bust out only add to the fun.