organic mondavi

i have money now. its no lie. there is no stress. there is money in my bank account? i don't understand it? life is better with money.
i can grocery shop. i can "throw things in the cart" and not flinch or go back through the store putting things away.
this sunday i put some wine in my cart. i thought i'd start with mondavi. did you know they are an organic vineyard?
you don't say.
well they are.
i taste some kind of cherrie. i don't know how to look for different tastes in wines. its of no fault but my own. i guess i should take a class.

on wine?

maybe so.

i really dig the singer "feist" right now. sure, she is cat power to the third power, but whatever. its cute for now, and we all smile and say "my moon my man" and mean it.

this guy on tv american idol no less, but i call it aol time warner tv, is wearing HEAVY eyeliner.

thats all i have for tonight. i'm going to go finish my bottle of wine.

and maybe float in the pool.


places I’ve lived:
New york

Plane rides:
La-new york
San fran-new york
New york-san fran
San fran-la
San fran-phoenix
New york-florica
New york-denmark
Paris-new york

Road trips:


Times ive moved
Maple dr. – wainwright st.
Wainwright st - italy
Italy-wainwright st.
Wainwright st.-14th st.
14th – 11th st.
11th st – wainwright st.
wainwright st. – 33rd st.
33rd st – 3 mile hollow
3 mile hollow – 83rd st
83rd st – 14th st.
14th st – 83rd st
83rd st – larkin st
larkin st – cabin dr.
cabin dr – bessy st.
bessy st. – oak crest

97 – moved to ny. London, Applied to purchase
98 – suny purchase – art history, discovered nyc – broadway - museums, acting school, Elizabeth in rye,
99 – purchase, friends, pete, summer in italy, Europe with anna, photography class
00 – move to manhattan, prn, mike, photography
01 – radiohead, wtc, rye, abc, marcos party, Olivia visit
02 – 33rd st., robin, becky, laurie, 83rd st.
03 – prn, kat, stuart, 14th st, wellbutrin, robin, liverpool
04 – robin, mom thanksgiving, marathon,
05 – Alaska, ny-sf, Rowdy, car, beaches
06 – san Francisco city. Start company rowdy knits.


"floating like a fat girl while the sun went down" is my new favorite thing to say.

because that is how i've been closing my days. let my hair down, slither into the pool quietly after everyone else is gone. and float like a fat girl. while the sun goes down.

i like to listen to my breathing. and push around the water. look at the leaves at the bottom. pick at my toenailpolish.

i might pretend that i am high on e. and that i can feel every molecule of water on every cell of my epidermal layer.

i might pretend that i am on my honeymoon. and pose for pictures that my husband is taking of me from his lounge chair. i pose like that woman from the 80's with her hair slicked back and the diamonds in her ear lobes. diamonds.

the whole trip reflects like a diamond.

and then i go back to floating like a fat girl as the sun goes down. slowily watching the stars appear and sky go darker shade of blue.

this photo is from cobrasnake.

changing of the gaurds

walking home from the farmers market. cutting lilacs along the way.
letting the dog off the leash to pee freely on growing trees.
panting up the hill to my house while a neighbor cleans to Neil Young.
spending 9 dollars on bursting sugar snap peas from the asian family farm.
putting off cleaning strawberries because of the urge to jump in the pool.
working on tans. working on photos.
pouring water bottles on the dog.
putting on your garden shoes to gather more flowers for around the house.

so this is california

pool pool pool
collars leash pool
sand dirt grass
water pool car
car pool gas
bike tire cash
pool pool pool
water clear blue
tan burn skin
hair blonde tail
sugar snap pea
pool pool pool