i get it

this makes complete sense to me. i don't know where this is from (online) but i think its by that illustrator who is doing randoms at 7x7.


i had the pleasure of hanging out with this small little peanut of a gal last evening. we went on a walk through civic center. her mama anie from sugar&pepper runs sweet bug farms. stop by for some farm fresh eggs! here is our photo adventure.

my accomplice

the site where anie reports


homemade mac&cheese on the stove when i arrived. heaven?

i love their books!

random arty things abound

where the eggs are

where the eggs came from

anie does her own woodworking!


anie - what is this?


the teenager geese & their snoopy house.


civic center sunet

walkswithrowdy - July

Brother David's Double

Anderson Valley Brewing Company
Brother David's Double - Abbey Style Ale

My random rating: 10. This beer was so tasty and delicious, i was thinking about skipping dinner, and just drinking this. or maybe i just wont eat anything all week, and just drink this. you get my point. its a great tasty brew.
however. I'm going to just give you links to what other people say about this because i like what they are saying.

favorite review
dallas observer (why are they always reviewing beers? pretty cool.
website: very extensive commenting
Lets go visit!

Highlights of Past Julys

on my lunch break i was sitting reading past posts from July. some of these are kind of funny.



wow. inspiring and incredible.

alaska2010 = 416 dollars. what a deal

welp, i finally caved and bought my ticket back to alaska. its been 4 years since i've touched foot in the state, and actually its been even longer since i've seen the state DURING SUMMER MONTHS. (which is kind of a big deal.)

the last time i was in AK during the summer, meaning the last time i was in alaska and it wasn't covered in snow, and a zillion degrees below zero???

was about 8 years ago!!!

typically when i go home, i hibernate with my parents at their house. HOWEVER... over the past few years, my parents have been visiting the kids down there in the lower 48. SO i feel OK with the fact that i'm making this trip more FRIEND BASED.

above is the map what i have planned. all details are still in the works.

new work from tim

i love this first one. i met tim a couple times in college through abby. he is amazing and inspirational. we both liked swatch watches & old bimmers.

you should buy this.

to get list

i want 2 zines right now:



get off my lawn!

update on my feelings on the gulf oil spill

the other day at thai buffet at the buddhist monastery in berkeley (way way way cool & fun. go go go) i was ranting about the oil spill again...

my friend said something that changed my opinion.

its not a natural disaster. its man made - and not even really man made. its a COMPANY disaster. they should pay. they should be in charge of the entire mess.

and so far BP has already paid 40-something percent of the claims filed.

i'm not saying that everything is OK now, and i feel great about it. but that is my update on thoughts about it.

this caught my eye this morning - a ban on photographers in the gulf???

has the live feed of oil gushing out of the hole stopped on CNN too?

quote from treme

while m & w lay in bed, and she is talking about her disappointment in new orleans, and wants to leave, m tries to talk her into staying.

m: there are so many beautiful moments here.
w: they are just moments.
a life.

defeatist. it made me think about the places where i've lived. all of these little moments ARE life. w's claim doesn't sit right with me. at least not for now now.

moments. they make up relationships. friendships. whateverships.
that one time he put his arm around me
that one time i lost my breath and felt a knife in my chest when our eyes met
that one time they smiled together

oh blah. anyway. moments. you catch my drift. its life.

strawberry blonde

Today's beer review is by guest blogger Dan. I love surprise visitors, and Dan was one of them this past weekend. He was in China Camp taking some time out after being the best man at Ryans wedding, when he got the brilliant idea to call me. i couldn't have been more pleased. so naturally, upon his arrival, i put him to work. beer work.

Strawberry Blonde
(pic by dan).
where: novato bevmo.
website: there is no company name on this beer. we just see strawberry blonde label...
taste: citris: lemon & oranges lead the palate to a solid strawberry taste. Easy wheat style summer drinkin'!
Label: there is an attractive woman on the label... i'd buy it!

back to anise:
my first encounter with this beer was smell. zach & i purchased the beer in novato. we were so excited to try it so we put it in the freezer. 1 day later... i had frozen strawberry blonde beer all over my new freezer, and it smelled sooooooooo good. i remember i had the day off, and all i could think about was beer smoothies and strawberries. so i hauled it back up to novato and bought 3 more pints. anyway, i was not disappointed. it is very citrus, but it is actually great with strawberries and great with SUN.