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dreaming of sunny days



I never talk about crossfit, but it was one of my favorite things of 2011 - one of the best years of my life so far! Here are a few pics from the other day - it was the last workout in the crossfit games open. I attend the gym in san rafael called Tamalpais Crossfit. If you live in San Rafael, and want to join a great crew - ask me for more info!

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one of my crossfit friends from 2011

Obligatory Action Shot

Drew - a real sweetheart

One of my coaches: Michael

Ali & Kevin met at my birthday party last year. I kind of feel responsible for their happiness now. :)

And of course staci - a badass new friend who joined the games on a whim - as you can see its really popular to attend the workouts (only during the open.) 

the real streets

Parisian #streetstyle the original gangsters rockin' the puffy jackets

moleskine dump

trip carpenter

le truck


rick lee

its weird that people eat things that are stackable

born round

i woke up to giants & twins in overtime, catching flyballs in the streets of minneapolis

count basie lil' darlin'

taming your gremlin

waltons sawhorse

del carnegie

garden secrets

the older i get the more i travel the less i know


sloane crosley


a childrens story about a new york city horse.

dream where it was all a game and i was trying to get something.

i don't smoke in my 30's, 40's & 50's, so i can smoke when i don't care: 20's, 60's, 70's.

8 year olds

a couple weeks ago, I was watching K, E, T & J. lots of little buggers. we were planning on going on a little hike - but the eldest: K - was kind of having a "moment". 

She was hiding throughout the house - as she put it she needed space. 
I'm all about that, and told her I respect her space, etc. but I was babysitting - so every 15-20 minutes, T & J & I would go around the house looking for her just to make sure she was still in the house and everything was fine.

At one point it took us 30 minutes to find her - finally hiding in an attic I didn't know existed.

K: I thought you said I could have space!
A: There are parameters within your space.

E (the 8 year old):  ha ha. you said there are parameters in space.

the man the myth the person in the blue jacket

#billcunningham being the bad ass that he is.

I spy Tina

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Carosel near Eiffel Tower

PARIS 2012

marche puce

absinthe for dinner

biking our hearts out in the empty streets of paris until 4 in the morning.

morning arc de triumph


the man the myth the legendary bill cunningham outside balmain show

mon ami le tina mange beouf tartare

sacre coeur