been away from your house.

you know the guy who goes to every show and laughs really loud at every joke the band might make??

unfortunately that guy went to this show too.

i can't stop playing this though. its my favorite song right now. a recluse from my college wrote and sings. when i emailed him for the lyrics, he sent them:

the lyrics, fairly ridiculous but composed in a delirium.

i don't shave, i shed and eat the whiskers
waiting in line at the overhang dealership
all light long
if all roads lead to home then let me spin
and keep your hoodoo, keep your deals
all light long

i was an altruistic peasant now a cold unfeeling king
i sold my heart in exchange for nothing
all light long
and then the lights came - all in together now
(then the lights came) fall in together now
and stay
all light long

i've been away from your house way too long.

i drove my paintings crazy, i drove my plymouth to the levee
bu the levee wasn't there - so idled
all light long
and upon returing to the house of god i had to wade through the water
and it carried me for miles
all light long

i've been away from your house way too long.
Rowdy is terribly jealous and likes to put his 12 pound head ON my keyboard when I start paying more attention to the lighted screen, than him. So I push him off, dust off the fur, and continue lighted screening.
life is like an inbox. well, life IS an inbox. imagine how much of your life would be an inbox if you lived alone in the boonies. you would be totally reliant on an inbox. well, if you were a person that wanted to keep contact with the outside world, yet still live in the boonies...
sometimes you are flooded with messages.
sometimes you are empty.
sometimes you are spam.
sometimes you are love.


wikipedia has nothing to say about the origin of "inbox". i image it was a word created by midtown secretaries in the 50's.
A Pilgrim at Tinker Creek is 5cents less than Slouching Towards Bethelehem.