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me torturing poor kara on a very cold hike today.

& T being absolutely adorable with her new shoes:

kelly the parrot

Had a nice meeting with Kelly the Parrot. I've noticed (more like heard) this Parrot before on my walks with Rowdy. He sits on his fence and yells HI to passing cars. I didn't get him to say Hi for the cameras. But don't you worry Kelly - we are friends now - ITS ONLY A MATTER OF TIME.

Gynelle & Ikat dress - San Rafael, CA

Today was a scorcher! Rowdy & I went to our favorite little cove/beach after work. He sniffs around while I take pictures and well, sniff around myself. Gynelle noticed my little miata parked on the side of the road, and stopped to join us! I had to snap her outfit:
Full View

dress detail

marchesa F12

I finally have a minute to devote to #nyfw fall 12.

i want to start with a word about marchesa. their show left me breathless.

marchesa fun fact: they are named after the "living work of art" marchesa louisa casati. go read a little bit about her after you are done here. 

 here are my top 5 looks & why.  also see my storyboard (see marches fall 2011)

words that come to mind from the collection: gladiator, metal, armor, renaissance

love the bottom hem detail with the asymmetrical feather pluming out from inside the dress:

Here they introduce the gladiator sandal(?) - something i've personally never seen with this caliber of formal evening wear.  They have another in black a couple looks later.

I chose this because I have to have to have to pay homage to the structure and detail work of marchesa. so amazing & graphic & elegant & intricate:

Doesn't it look like she was simply dipped in the thickest richest metal i the world? and doesn't it look delicious & insanely luxurious?

Graphic detailing with the tulle - a theme throughout the collection. signature marchesa black & gold - with the sharp asymmetrical pops of tulle.

Bonus: I love how Marchesa always has this formal take on what looks like to me a - 60's mistress baby doll dress look in the collection: 

all photos are Photo: Filippo Fior / 

Paris Fashion Week Stalking

Mode a Paris finally posted the schedule of fashion week. I'm thinking: Thursday: Rick Owens Friday: Dior / Lanvin Saturday: Viktor & Rolf

G - San Rafael, CA

G - San Rafael, CA
gucci tuxedo pants detail

Violet & Friends

VIOLET ~ san rafael, CA

violets necklaces


she had me at swatchwatch

violets friends

Art Murmur Feb 2012 = paris

This is a helpful little site for travelling -

so far, they have 29 listings for PARIS.

what i like the best is the map at the bottom with the already marked placements. makes it easy to navigate such a dense area.

Paris bikes

perhaps we will want to bike around one day? 

this group velib lets you pick up a bike at any of their locations, and then drop it off at a different location. sounds like fun on a day when tina & i might want to leave our cell phones at home....

~ the month of February will feature a daily tip on my upcoming trip to Paris ~