happy 2010 !!!

happy 2010 !!! , originally uploaded by hellodeer.

This year has been very fun.

places I visited during 2009

1. Mendicino Coast
2. Los Angeles
3. Aruba
4. Jamaica
5. Miami
6. Minneapolis & Rochester, Minnesota

That wraps up another year of minor travel.

Music of 2009

During 2009 I enjoyed the following bands:

1. kanye
2. dr. dre - chronic
3. ween
4. black eyed peas
5. notorious b.i.g.
6. bon iver
7. anthony & the johnsons
8. beck
9. julian velard
10. mgmt
11. vampire weekend
12. ben folds
13. michael jackson

my comment on the economy

i know things are not getting better because when i go to salvation army every friday, it takes me 10 minutes to find parking.

at a salvation army in marin county, people. i mean seriously.


i said to much to one.
i didn't say enough to another.
i ain't said shit to the third.

none of them are even in. but they are around.

the peripheral.

and now all of them are doing nothing.

i'd like to get rid of all of them and get hit in the face by a fourth.

3 cheers for this excerpt.
winter always seems so much slower than summer.

i like that.

for me,

ben folds is christmas music

the grass

is not greener on the other side, its just different.