when you go to a place you love, you do things over and over again like its the last time you are going to do those things. imagine thinking you will never see a pumpkin pie again.
you would eat a slice, right?
so you do. and its not really the pumpkin pie you imagined, but you keep eating it because its the last time you will ever have pumpkin pie.
i was in, still am, new york this past week, and it really came down to me having to do one major thing, which lead to a couple of other things and then a couple of other things. same for people. one person lead to another person which lead to a group of people and then a couple of people and then one person and then a key.

i think i swallowed a piece of glass this evening after sneaking a couple of graham crackers with frosting because i knew i wouldn't have graham crackers nor frosting at my house in california. so before i left for this hip jet-blue terminal, i snuck a couple of frosted graham crackers, and then took a couple of swigs of purified water and then realized i had a cut lip and then realized that it was because of the glass, and that the missing shard might be on its way through my body.
i've had heartburn ever since.
fitting for the past week.

jetblue sure is a hip airline.


its early on a saturday. about 5:51 to be exact. i woke up first at midnight when the boys got home. then i woke up at 3:15 before my alarm - so i could shower, and get to this airport.
i was going to have one of the boys take me to san raffie, but instead simply drove myself to oakland, and parked my car in a lot called VIP parking. the charge was half of the charge that the airport will charge me, so i am happy about that.

a woman at one of the counters is looking for 6 more volunteers. she will give them a ticket anywhere in the U.S. and they will give her volunteer.

last night when i was woken up at midnight, i heard what i think will be a series of pathetic instances from my sorry roommate mike. i heard a girls voice. no doubt it was the thong girl, and no doubt she was in his room. i felt sorry for her that she had to sit in that smelly, dirty room with a drunk strong man. and then i'm most positive they were kissing, and he wanted to bang something out. this only lasted about 20 minutes. her uncomfortable giggling, and his baritone plea. but she eventually left. and then they talked on the phone for about another half hour while she drove home.
i now know that what most likely happened, is that both him and matt were too drunk to drive themselves home. so they called me thrice. i was sleeping. so they called thong girl to come and pick them up and drive them home. then of course he asked her into his room.

i think i need some coffee.

i also think that its great for me that this all happened. i was getting too attached, and wasn't feeling the need to start crying over anyone as of right now. i am fine with my current situation of change. or flux.

i still need coffee. i peircing headache that starts with not wearing contacts, and then continues to get worse with no caffeine. its almost at screaming point right now. i might as well get some coffee.

i am excited about rye. but i'm not so excited about the mona/miles situation. i always forget. isn't that funny. that we always forget the annoying things.

i've got to stop kidding myself, and stand in line for coffee.