see sometimes life happens to us, and sometimes we happen to life. like for instance, i would still be living at the women's housing facility on 13th street had it not decided to shut its doors after 80 years.

Oh. My Eggo just popped up.

back in new york, i feel like i have no identity unless i've got some kind of internet monologue going on. would myspace be considered a dialogue or a monologue?

even though i only left new york last year, i've pretty much returned every 6 months. My first return was the one that was the most weird. i pretty much did everything in silence. i was very nostalgic to smell the air and enjoy the lack of sky.

the 2nd visit was quick. I had the necessary drinks with the friends that I needed to solidify. Attended a wedding, and rode way to many trains, cars, planes, you name it.

this current visit. visit number 3 has really sealed the deal. its become more of a tourists idea. most everyone has moved away. this has been the most crucial visit and a perfect way to end the year - that was mostly filled with slight doubt about my california decision - and given me the confidence that i have made the right choice. that, in and of itself has healed my bug bites, and brightened my teeth.