what was i going to say? oh yeah. ok.

you know things are going OK, when:

you kind of want to stay at work, just because. not that there is anything wrong with home - but you like both equally.

know what i'm saying. not LOVE. but content like.

its all good.

this picture means a lot to me.

for a few reasons. its funny in an interesting way. how this boring picture, means a lot to me right now.

the other person in the room i had a huge crush/omg i can't believe it crush on.
the lens changed my view.
i wanted to like, make out, with the lens.

i realized life was about the lenses in college. when mona and miles let me use his grandfathers camera. they let me use a lot. i should fix up the car and send it back to them.


gosh its one of those times where i listen to rap and emo and girl rap and beard rock. know what i mean? and my pictures are moody and my pictures a crisp. and my lights are bright and my lights are dim. my bike bikes and my car putts.

know what i mean?

you know, i love rogue wave - harmonium.
i also love atmosphere - dreamer. the title of the new atmosphere sure is great. "when life gives you lemons, paint that shit gold"

cute. right?


its so teenage that i have a den where no one can barely hear me bang on the desk with my hands and jump up and down on the floors. and BUST IT OUT. just like rogue wave harmonium.

cute. right?

well anyway, i just felt like sharing thats its been one of those wondering beautying weeks. fall is fast on our heels! there is a cool in the air. the gut starts pining for new york again. or just anything with fall or change of leaves really. the heart starts pining for other lost hearts. met or not. in a change way. men preach about changing things up. athletes jump run and dive.

to sum it up.

one night stands, or 1/2 night stands, or 2 hour stands, or 36 hour stands, or weekend stands, or stand stands, or breakfast stands, or bar stands, or gossip stands, or moppy stands, or work stands, or 5 night stands back to back.

they are all like fast food.

just one trip to mcdonalds, one trip to wendys, one trip to burger king, one trip through the drive through of in-n-out, one trip to jack-n-the-box, one trip to sonic, one trip to a&w, one trip to big joe's express, one trip to dairy queen.

all leave you happy and then sad. fit and then fat. beautiful and then greased. hamburger then fries. soda then milkshake. ketchup then mustard. seasame then bun.


is trig palin stuffed?

why is no one asking this question.


its just kind of funny to be back in the uncomfortable shoes, with all the other people wearing the uncomfortable shoes.

plod plod plod till lunch time. plod till break. plod till out time. race to eat.

plod plod plod till payday. plod till cashed. plod till store close. spend till gone.

so i'm back. and its good. i learned all the lessons i knew i'd learn, and i feel the same way i knew i'd feel. its cool.

i do love my new work. and i am excited. its just funny to be back.

i'm like what? i'm my own boss. right.