"favorite shop in Paris" search on sartorialist

Today's Paris insights come from Sartorialist (Garance's beau). My friend erik was talking about the bookstore Comptoir de l'Image & I found a few other cool things if you just put "favorite shop in Paris" in sart's site search. 
stores added to PARIS2012 map:
comptoir de l'image

party shoes

party shoes, originally uploaded by hellodeer.

b/w girl

b/w girl, originally uploaded by hellodeer.

a little girl at isaaks party watching face painting

eric goode - amazing man

you may or may not be able to read this - if not, i'll copy it for you & mail it to you.
this article in the new yorker last week is about my old boss eric goode. he was a great boss - kind, considerate & taught me at the ripe age of 22 - to BE MORE RESOURCEFUL. he also taught me how to work an elevator in loft buildings in manhattan............ i was young. he was patient with me.

thanks eric. i think i still have your loft key.  not cool!

note to the renters market of san francisco:

You want to charge 1400 for an 800 sq ft. studio, yet you don't want to put the effort behind taking pictures of studio for your listing?

i'm trying to put 2 & 2 together here. i keep coming up empty.

Paris - TO DO - map

Now taking suggestions! I've got a map open in Google, and I'll be updating this every time I discover something new.  Tina & I are going to be busy bees........ 

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jalouse parody

This parody about jalouse magazine makes me laugh because i've been watching french films every night after yoga crossfit... and sometimes i find myself walking around my apartment saying to rowdy THE FRENCH ARE SO DRAMATIC! or OH GOD THE FRENCH! SPARE ME!

enjoy & stay tunes for french february...

Jalouse Magazine: Une Fille Comme Les Autres from Matthew Frost on Vimeo.

on newt & the moon

I get the whole Moon mission & how it is important to science, history, mankind, etc. But what I don't get is Newt G.'s mention of putting an American Colony on the moon - (if he so graciously becomes our next President.) 

When I first heard about the speech he gave in Florida, my gut reaction was: WE NEED HELP HERE IN AMERICA! WHO NEEDS A MOON?

Before we start claiming other planets (he mentioned making the moon the 51st state) - don't you think we should get our finances in order? put our citizens to work? put an end to factory farming? get our country off the couch? reclaim our overseas factories? improve our public school system?

Just at the time when our troops are finally coming home - our noses are in our own pots - you mention taking attention away from our nation, and focusing it on the moon.

American's needing to occupy the moon is to other countries needing a monarchy. its all show.

original here  


g-valentine, originally uploaded by hellodeer.

i'm starting an ebay store - helping a woman sell her estate. this dress is naeem kahn. perfect for valentines day. (if you are a size 4.)

view listing here
The greater the sacrifice you ask a woman to make for you; the more she knows you love her. Honestly!
-old glory to Steve : butterfield 8
Kris Humphrey is a modern day Bo Decker from Bus Stop.

belle du jour

I'm watching as many french films as possible (AMFFAP) until i go to paris. last night was belle du jour. my favorite scene was the camera panning on the messy room after her romp with the man with metal teeth........ how delightful!
costume by YSL. love the shades.
what i'm wearing the next time i go to the coast.

PARIS 2012

tina & i are going to paris for a frivolous weekend of wearing black & cafes & sweets & shit you do in paris. our trip is during fall fashion week - so part of the shit we will be doing in paris will involve stalking the fashion shows & crashing the parties. send any info or tips or comments. its all french from now until march.