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i love my family farm & i love film. this is from 2008.

christmas evening write-up

I was going through old emails, and found this email I sent to a friend describing my Christmas dinner last year & think this would be a nice share.


Gourmet dessert chefs are called pastry chefs. Such a sad common name for such an intense practice.

Ming Su does my hair at super cuts.

Dinner was so amazing. Instead of their toasts, we all went around the room & shared our goals for 2012. Women are all about their looks & men are all about their money.

This was the first time in the 6 years of knowing them that they actually brought up the fact that they are looking for a man for me. I had been mulling over asking them if they know anyone - but would rather that stuff happen naturally. So i was pleasantly surprised to learn that its on their minds. The only people I'd trust to set me up would be them. It's the only marriage I see these days that actually looks like a lot of fun. Mostly because they are both actively making it work & they both have this traditional equal set-up of power that actually works.

Tess was a complete DOLL. She silently moved her chair next to mine & was the only child who stayed with the adults. She is 4. Her goal for 2012?
Play more with Anna.

It's just that basic.

'Like the warming of a room or the coming of daylight. When you first notice them they have already been going on for sometime.' CS Lewis


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the stories

after spending a couple hours in an assisted living space last week, i thought about growing old and the friends you will make when you are 80. i imagine it will be nice to have someone to be with at that point in life. someone you just met - so all you do together is talk about your lives. imagine spending your time with someone, telling all of the amazing stories of life to each other. its pretty much all you can do at that point anyway. eat sleep talk walk (maybe).