i cried twice at the movie UP


turkey bird morning
google wings pumpkin
spilling mess sponge
oven bed lounge

peets miata music
cleaning dressing dancing
drinking smoking drinking
eat knosh nibble

nibble knosh eat
drink smoke smile
watch lounge nibble

talk plan scope
eat nosh nibble
scoop slice dollop


carphotographer, originally uploaded by hellodeer.

i am a car photographer. i take pictures of cars.


last night i changed my room around, and to celebrate, watched vertigo for the first time.

it was so nice, that i decided to spend the winter in my room, watching alfred hitchcock movies in the order in which they were made.

it didn't make any sense that scotty would fall in love with madeline/judy.

this is a cool site that helped break it down for me.

color symbolism in vertigo

i connected most with the midge character. i like midge. and i like that name.

love game

its funny how the beginning of the love game is all about restraint. well, at least when you are playing games. i'm trying to open myself and make it more about just love. instead of the game.

the game makes it fun. the game makes it fun? well, the game makes it prolonged. which is nice. but how long is prolonged? i'm over the game. i'm ready to dive in and just love already.


he kind of snapped at me today. he told me something that he doesnt remember telling me, and i brought it up, and now i have him asking me "did i tell you that?"

it makes me feel this big. ()

and it also makes me totally not want to be around him. which is actually a good thing, because...... apparently he is a douchey non-remembering drunk.

and there you have it.

"be here now" type shit

its all about the "be here now" type shit.

i find myself saying that a lot.

you are typing

you are reading

you are eating a burrito

you are burning cds

you are there. and there. and there. and here.

you are now.

breathe in. breathe out a couple beats longer than the in.

breathe out. and out and out until you can no longer breathe out!!! whew. ok. breathe in.

be here now type shit.

this in that. that in this

today? very productive.

i've had a few ideas just floating around in my head. i sleep on them, i spin on them, i eat on them, i zone out on them.

finally i wrote them down!

so they are not in full process.

main goal for the next year? TO BE PUBLISHED.

i will be published. photographically speaking, of course.

second main ongoing goal? TO HAVE A GALLERY SHOW.

i will have a gallery show. photographically speaking, of course.

other than that, i've been filling my time with burning all of my music onto my hard drive.

sounds hot?

it is really hot.
im looking for a hot dorky hermit, that has life experience, but little to no relationship experience.


a 10yr old kid walked by me at work, carrying a plate of cookies.

where are you going with those cookies?

to the meeting downstairs about how to deal with my feelings of hate.

oh. ok.

flickr iraq

very very interesting to follow -
iraq set

by drink

it finally happened.

they know me by drink at starbucks.

look forward to

he went silent.

its ok its ok its ok. its just one of those things!

new haircut - short bob
i'm getting more side-jobs.
spin class rocks
my dog is now ten.
dot. the drop-top baby.

i've been thinking about this hippie lately. inbetween boughts of thinking about the dude of course.