2010 things of note:

picture highlights of 2010

i quit smoking. it actually stuck this time.
4 friends moved away - 1 a brother, another a crush.
moved into a place of my own
alaska visit with "my people"
new york visit with "my other people"
family visited me. everyone - even the g-ma.
drove fun cars
took better pictures
learned more about love & not love
knit about 10 hats
watched all hitchcock movies in order
music: miike snow, grizzly bear, early outkast, herrmann dune, max roach.
iphones are fun. so is having free heat & gas stove.
no sugar & spin class works. holidays & no spin class doesnt.
got: employee of the month, & year.


new actions will free you from past actions


this is brilliant from i heart photograph. reminded me of a pic i took last night:

lighting project!

well, i finally found my weekend project - re-create this lighting:

this image caught my eye on 500 photographers. its by marco grob.


(picture of sunrise on my way to work this morning)
when i was on my 2000 cross country road trip with the great Taryn McFaryn, I fell in love with a little town called Cumberland - in Maryland.

today NPR featured a band from that town in one of their segments - here.

my favorite part is where the girl explains cumberland - its exactly how I explain it - you are driving up HWY68, round a bend, and then the speed limit changes to 40mph, forcing you to slow and check out this little piece of Americana, in the bowl of a couple of hills. its a gorgeous little town. church steeples, main street, & you can see where it starts & ends. pefection.

other towns that fit that bill (for me):
prineville, oregon (where my family farm is) & nicasio (where i am going to get married or have my 40th birthday party. whichever comes first.)


(pablofranco image)

maybe i've fine-tuned my rss feed so well, that this holiday season i'm only getting gift guides directed toward my demographic - FEMALE PHOTOGRAPHER WHO LIKES FOOD & DESIGN, or maybe everyone this year is a female photographer who likes food & design??

photojojo - check out the iphone adapters!

pintrest - omg that polaroid is a scream.

flaming absinthe

flaming absinthe seems to be all the rage this holiday season.

tina, my favorite bartender & spin partner in san rafael - made me a flaming absinthe drink for my EMPLOYEE OF THE YEAR award:

and here we are at a fabulous party this saturday enjoying absinthe in all its flaming glory:



i got all copy-cat this weekend, and decorated my little apartment for free. i copied terrain (new fave online shop) and made my own garland. i even made a wreath for my party hosts on saturday. whoot.

14 actors

i like the javier bardem & the guy dancing.

compost cookie

i am the person who has over 200 blogs & what-nots on google reader. so, a better part of my morning is coffee + google reader + forwarding links to my friends. if you are my friend, you most likely receive 2/3 links per week. i'm a human link dispenser. i see a post, and think about you, and send you the link. its a love thing.

SO. i read this article about momofuku compost cookie & send the link to my foodie co-workers.

we decided to splurge and treat ourselves & order the tin of cookies! it was 22 dollars!!!!!!!!! OMG. we still did it. its from new york & is all fancy.

END RESULT - we each got 2 cookies. I love the coffee bits in the cookie. I wanted more potato chip! And I loved hitting the pretzel in the middle.

I need milk!


anie - thanks for mending my most favorite blanket of all time! I love it!

non attendance events

(how cool is this?)
there is a part of me that wants to travel to miami basel and experience that SOME DAY.

and then there is a part of me that just wants to look at the slideshows and live vicariously through the people that are already there.

i feel the same way about burning man.


(this matthew williamson has nothing to do with this post. lol)
i die.