compost cookie

i am the person who has over 200 blogs & what-nots on google reader. so, a better part of my morning is coffee + google reader + forwarding links to my friends. if you are my friend, you most likely receive 2/3 links per week. i'm a human link dispenser. i see a post, and think about you, and send you the link. its a love thing.

SO. i read this article about momofuku compost cookie & send the link to my foodie co-workers.

we decided to splurge and treat ourselves & order the tin of cookies! it was 22 dollars!!!!!!!!! OMG. we still did it. its from new york & is all fancy.

END RESULT - we each got 2 cookies. I love the coffee bits in the cookie. I wanted more potato chip! And I loved hitting the pretzel in the middle.

I need milk!


Dawn said...

Momofuku cookies?! Wild! But were they worth the $22? I noticed they also had some pies....

hellodeer said...

well, we split them 3 ways financially... but then only got 2 cookies each.

lets just say it was a splurge. its christmas for crying out loud!

anie said...

holy smokes!!! I am living vicariously through your cookie experience right now.
You know if you'd saved me a bite I could have recreated these :)