swimming my summer away

i joined my local pool & have been swimming after work. it all started when i kind of hurt my hip doing a box jump @ crossfit. 4 days later my hip feels better.

anyway, i;ve always loved swimming. i am going to start following this series of workouts that i found online: 50 swim workouts

i love that its basic & straight forward.

squeal app

canon crime

its crying time


you gotta love this

i'm surprised people are still homophobes in this day & age. wake up.

i like this

adrian tomine news: "Looking for Someone": "Illustration for an article by Nick Paumgarten in the July 4, 2011 issue of The New Yorker."

mano in seattle

so obsessed with anything pewter. these shoes are perfect & i bet look even better once beaten & broken.

aimee brodeur

i like how soft her work is & that she resides in the bay area.

this is amazing amazing amazing.


these NYC images are incredible. i have to go back soon - its looking like every 6 months, every cell in my body starts bleeding new york again... i could tell you every street he is standing on when he took these pics. i love ny.

this image was taken near my old office building. i have a gazillion pics of the building on the right.


i guess i'm into straps & leather today - one more post of leather bracelets & camera straps. cool.


want these

i'd get one & inscribe it with SMILE - so every time someone asked me what my bracelet says - they'd hopefully SMILE upon hearing the answer.

water pics

he is only 24.... AMAZING

scary movies aren't my thing

it took me two months to watch BLACK SWAN.

& that wasn't even that scary.

tree of life

sooooooooooo i guess this movie is about a bunch of beautifully well-lit clips from life???