ode to olivia

i love my friend olivia. i stayed at her place on 24th st. for a couple of nights this past weekend. she is a teacher at NYU, and is a:

on the way to her office

view from her apt. window.

view of her freezer... gotta love new yorkers. her fridge makes up for it because that is where she stores all of her fancy cakes & baked goods from fancy places...

nyc subway wooden benches

i read an article (that i cannot find now...) about the MTA replacing all wooden benches with new steel benches. since i really do not have a say in the process, i thought i'd take a picture of some of the wooden benches i encountered during this trip. i'm sure by the time i get back to new york (cross your fingers for feb!) these wooden benches will be long gone...... who really knows tho. anyway. my ode to le bench de wood. :)


if you are a parent, never send your children a card with nothing in it.

sure. cards are great.

but cards with something in them is greater.

preferably cash........ but if you don't have any cash on you at the moment, how about a stick of gum?


I went to a beautiful wedding on Sunday up in Healdsburg (one of my favorite little places in Sonoma). The people getting married were my friends Stephanie & Sean. This is the second wedding I have attended where the people getting married are named Stephanie & Sean - altho with the first Stephanie - she actually goes by anie - but her formal name is Stephanie (hi anie!). So anyway. it was awesome.

There is something about declaring love in front of a room filled with your favorite people. I used to be ho-hum about marriage, but now i'm back on the big wedding wagon. Its so powerful to declare your love & commitment to someone, in front of your "people". amen.

Here are some random pics.

this is Stephanie. I met her when I worked at Castle Grayskull.

This is Stephanie & Sean cutting their cake.

i wore a gray silk blouse with a black skirt. the really really really loved my necklace.

table setting. her colors were orange & white. nice change! i loved that!

giants success

when your hometeam is doing well in baseball, everyone walks around like they got laid the night before. its so brilliant.

go giants.


i was relieved when i wake up this morning and realize that my scalp is not wanted by the mexican mafia for accidentally witnessing a drug-lord scalping in the next skyscraper over from my hotel window........

what a relief.


i got the iphone. hipstamatic rules.


thursday morning was delirious with gorgeous clouds wasn't it??

i was going about my business, taking pictures of the dealership with the fine october sky as its backdrop. get back to my computer to download - and presto! chango!

the blue screen of death:

this was my first blue screen of death. apparently it means death. so i stepped back and let erik figure it out. to our surprise it turned right back on... so we are just kind of going about our business pretending like nothing happened.

maybe a call to remind all of us to back up our files......... you don't want to lose your stuff peoples!


yesterday i asked for a medium americano - but instead of water - use milk.

they fell for it! for a dollar less i got a latte. unheard of in this day & age. a late for 2.60.

so of course i try it again today.

i'd like an americano - but made with milk instead of water.

you mean a latte??

yeah.......... you win.

saving 1 dollar yesterday? not really worth looking like a dumbass today.

DrivetoDallas by Fiery Furnaces

Such a great angsty song for driving around and rocking out. if you do that sort of thing...............

if don't do that sort of thing, you should try it! its fun!

pretend like you are this girl driving to dallas with an expired license with blurry eyes.

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If I see you tomorrow
I don't know what I will do
I'm not going to cut my hair or run
around the block
I'm not going to drive to Dallas with
blurry eyes ever again

With windshield wipers that can't wipe
away my tears,
And everything I own piled up in the
With a speeding ticket from that speed
trap town
The one that got my license revoked
But I never got pulled over

Never got questioned
No, I never got pulled over
Never got questioned
But I still drove all around without it

If I see you tomorrow
I don't know what I will do
I'm not going to cut my hair or run
around the block
I'm not going to drive to Dallas with
blurry eyes ever again

No tomorrow won't be the day I drive
up to Dallas
With red eyes, blurry eyes and dull wipers
that no don't work
Everything piled up in the backseat so I
can't use the mirror
You said we had unfinished business but
it's finished now

If I see you tomorrow I don't know
what I will do
I'm not going to cut my hair or run
around the block
I'm not going to drive to Dallas with
blurry eyes ever again