thursday morning was delirious with gorgeous clouds wasn't it??

i was going about my business, taking pictures of the dealership with the fine october sky as its backdrop. get back to my computer to download - and presto! chango!

the blue screen of death:

this was my first blue screen of death. apparently it means death. so i stepped back and let erik figure it out. to our surprise it turned right back on... so we are just kind of going about our business pretending like nothing happened.

maybe a call to remind all of us to back up our files......... you don't want to lose your stuff peoples!

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Dawn said...

I really hate that blue screen of death. My computer does it all the time, but lucky for me it has only been death gasps instead of actual death death. I think it is a good reminder to back-up. Back-up people!

And yes, that sky was breathtaking this morning!