man on wire is one of those movies where you leave the theatre quiet, inspired to tight-rope walk the sidewalk cracks.

how me made passionate love in celebration of flesh and blood after his being released from the psych evaluation.

dude was such a baller to fly back and forth between new york and paris to plot his wtc wire invasion.

thats the way to roll.


logo i've been meaning to share, after noticing it on a bike ride this summer.


funny how late august always ends up smelling like tomatoes.


the big blogs should stop complaining about the little blogs. i mean, blogging is simply freedom of speech. and boo hoo if you think most of the blogs out there are boring. truth is, most of the human population is boring.

it would be like finding a slew of notebooks from some random 8th grade class. 89 percent of the notebooks would be boring. the other percent would be mildly interesting, etc. you get my point.


cool notebook art.

this reminds me of college.


lo really sucks. i mean seriously? what a brat. i'm on team audrina. if i have to hear about how lo and lauren have been best friends since they were little? i mean seriously.

and why is lauren so obsessed with "roommate time"? its just weird.

stephanie? is like so incredibly lame? with her slurred speak. and her broken promises. god get me a gun.

justin bobby is so hot. i love "i'm just trying to get my party straight". i feel that. good job justin bobby.

i guess i watch for the LA scenery.


there is a mccain office in downtown san rafael. i was totally shocked for about 2 hours last night after seeing this. california kat and talked about it for awhile, and she said she is not surprised. she is from marin.

i however, cannot accept this as anything reputable. its making me embarrassed to be living in san rafael? isn't that so judgmental of me? totally.

WWOD? what would obama do?

just kidding. i'm not that psycho about obama. but i did think marin county was. of all of california - we were the county with the highest obama percentage.

maybe that is why mccain is here?


getstoned - ended in 2003

why are we bothering with the http:// anymore? can we stop hooking up to them already?


i honestly believe that stacey and clinton might possibly be angels?

um, wow.

, originally uploaded by MegElizabeth_.

please look at this photos w/ caption on flickr. thank you.


081108_17421.jpg, originally uploaded by kb_jones.

its totally hit the streets.

great capture by kb.jones.


well i sure do think that watching the Olympics on TV, is a family thing.

i sure do think.

"i used to watch the olympics when i was growing up"
so did i
i love gymnastics
i love swimming
my mom loved gymnastics
my mom liked swimming.
no really i liked swimming.

if you can, please possibly vote for my current gold medal.
and listen to YOU by rogue wave.

listen to it,
and then listen to it.
and then think about wanting to listen to it.
and then think about wanting to listen to it.

and then,
then smoke.
and then listen to it.

and then,
and then

in the basement.

i've been getting spiritual.

it all happened on tuesday. no, thursday. duh.

i'm all about the chakras now. learning things as-fast-as-i-can! asfastasican. colors! and crystals! and meditation! and spirits! and daddies! and mommies! and your little brother that hit you in the 3rd grade! and that one time you got fired!


tonight i ate only vegetable bbqd things.
and i liked it.

we talked about our sun signs. and our moon signs. and our rising sign.

did you know that i am a taurus towards bedtime, and libra at waking. i am run by the aries sign, as my "core" and as a taurus, i am actually striving to be the opposite sign, which is scorpio.

so that makes sense. we are all something. arent we. i mean, we all have traits of something.

so why have traits set in place?

oh cuz someone said so. and its been one of the oldest since the dawn of time.

interesting how they just showed a commercial with an olympian, and he was sitting on the couch eating while watching tv while reclining.
sendin' a message people.
sending a message.

people telling stories to get your attention. keep watchin.
dog time. chilling with your dog.
bed time. chilling with your bed.
showing all the things its going to take you to be an olympian.

all these things together make you a winner.
today/night, as i was standing at the sink, washing out a ziplock baggie for reusing purposes....
i felt like a g-ma folding tin foil during ww2.
rationing our metals for our troops.

saving our plastic for our world.

full circle people.

full circle.

rich apps

i am personally excited for the I AM POOR apple application for the IPHONE. the i am poor application will possibly be blue. and pulsate. like blueballs. it can't really be yellow - that would mistake it for a yellow diamond - coveted by many.
i guess it could be green - emerald- poormans diamond.

the I AM POOR app will be only purchased by payment plan- offered through the apps website. you will have the option of taking out a year payment plan interest free for the first six months; or a two year payment plan with 2.4 percent interest rate during the last month, during which you can forclose if need be, or declare bankruptcy.

apps for art
obama for prez
paris for comedy.


part of the "seasons" here is the welcoming back of clouds. they disappear for like 7 months, and then one day they come back, and life couldn't be better.

clouds make the sky more interesting.

i'm not talking about the fog. the fog is more like this big gray hand, that covers your face. its always there. no break from fog.

the clouds however, aren't always there. so they are part of our "seasons". yippee.