fall 2010 favorites pt. 2 or My Weekend with YOU

friday night - dinner at boy's house - quick trip out to the store to get some more cab.

Saturday morning, skinny jeans, 2shot cappuccino - wet, whole milk.

Sat. night tickets - Beethoven's Eroica. You comment that this is what was playing on Norman Bates' record player in Psycho.

Sunday late afternoon brunch at Anchor & Hope - all you can eat oysters.

back to work Monday Morning.

monday night, contacts out, glasses on, catching up on the reading that you missed over the weekend.

*all images Catwalk/Getty Images


can we just look at bunny pictures today? who knew angora rabbits were so CUTE?

on missing the last 10 spin classes:

just get back on the bike and fuck 'em all.


i had a dream that i was helping liz pick out her outfits, because she looked terrible in all the paparazzi shots of her in 2009.
and i also got a 98 dollar ticket for jumping lanes in front of a police man, while i was driving the miata.
apparently it was my 2nd ticket, and i started getting really stressed out about money, and upset that all of my extra cash had to go towards extra mistakes.

to i guess i need to be a little careful when i'm driving around over the next few months, while i am finishing the final payments on one of my loans.

paying off loans is a bummer. but its funny how quickly we forget about them once the payment is gone.


i spent my weekend in the valley of los angeles.

weed urine organize
exstacy vomit cigarette
red heart tattoo
viper kyuss metal
venice sand waiting

silence on the other end
silence on the other end
silence on the other end

clean clean clean
sit lay roll
roll lay sit

grip head pain
toilet spit sleep
love joy heart

let me do your eyes like that one movie star
clara bow?
yeah. lets do your eyes like clara bow.
sit. brush. soft. breathe.

whoa. that looks vampy & piercing.

stop stop stop
forever forever forever

it'd be almost too perfect

someone should really wear this marchesa to the oscars.

***update! the oscar winner wore this dress. three cheers to sandra bullock for wearing the perfect dress.

fall 2010 favorites so far

its true

i'm always messing up.

i'm constantly making an ass out of myself.



whoa whoa whoaaaaaaaaaaa. i just remembered my dream.

anderson cooper was hanging out with me. wha? well not really. he was just around. and i was talking about this guy who was hot, a news anchor.

wait a sec. i had incredible dreams last night.

there was this guy that had been jailed for a very long time for breaking an entering at a cathedral. he finally escaped. at this point in his life he had wasted into slimy troll - but had the stamina to climb stairs?

so he escapes back into the cathedral and tries to climb to the top. he makes it past the guards and is still climbing climbing climbing. i woke up when he was at a section of the cathedral devoted to modern-day successful people.

anyway. anderson cooper was hanging, and i was talking to this 8 year old telling her about how hot this certain news anchor was, and that he also had a really hot mother. anderson just kind of looked at me.

and then we all sat down on the couch together, and watched the news.


i woke up this morning 100% happy about my little life & job & love. i woke up feeling like everything is in its right place, right now.

things dont work out - for a right place.
things work out - for a right place.
its all the right place.

this is going to lead to something else that leads to something else.

it all clearly made sense to me. it felt small, and special, and fun.

and then the moment passed, and i got in line to take a shower.


thinking about valentines day. and thinking about things you talk about when you are laying in bed with someone.

this sort of hits home right now.


last night was rear window. loved a comment someone made in the special features about identity. he said jb grabbed for his camera flash as a means to protect himself. the only way he knew how. with his identity. that ended up only delaying the inevitable.


i had a dream the other night that there was a scorpion on my bed.

dial m

loved the opening scene in dial m for murder. i'm finally getting to the more popular hitchcocks. so anyway, loved the opening scene, and loved the guilty color sequence.

change in plans

why am i completely OK with running away as fast as i can?

i don't want anything with this person.

its proximity. thats all it is. a weekend without will do me good.

oh look at that blueberry scone

do you mind if i sleep here?
i like your company

hand rest hip
head rest shoulder
feet rest feet
breathe listen
listen breathe
big breath!
tiny breath.
face nose face
knee thigh knee
breathe listen breathe
smile cheeks hurt

hours pass

hours pass

coffee vanilla
almond blueberry
crumbs drops
papers music
walk drive bike
air wind hair

we ooze modesty.