if i was an underground graffitti artist,

these would be my tags:

(possibly a little cliche... this would be last resort.)

i'd change this to a man & a woman falling.


my favorite.

i can't stop staring at this picture today.

, originally uploaded by miamizeiss.

and i don't even know these people. go fig

atoms for peace - thom yorke

this past weekend is this song. i started playing it friday, and just listened to it 3 more times on the way to work this morning, so i'm dubbing it the song of the weekend. in my opinion, this song is so spring to me - like, in a "spring cleaning" way - clean out your closets - and get out there and start something new. easy as pie.

No more going to the dark side
With your flying saucer eyes
No more falling down a wormhole
That I have to pull you out

The wriggling, twiggling worm inside
Devours from the inside out
No more talk about the old days
It's time for something great

Want you to get out
And make it work

So many allies, so many allies
So many allies, so many allies
So feel the love come off of them
And take me in your arms

Peel all of your layers off
I want to eat your artichoke heart
No more leaky holes in your brain
And no false starts

I wanna get out
And make it work

So many allies, so many allies
So many allies, so many allies
So feel the love come off of them
And take me in your arms

I wanna get out
And make it work

Want you to get out
And make it work

I'll be ok


Free Hand from Noah Kalina on Vimeo.

he makes art with tape.





you can see by deerhoof

Your legs don't work and you're caught in the light.
You can see through the walls so nothing is right.
There's a man in the cellar next door
And he's scratching the floor fifty miles away.
You didn't know him till today.

You're walking home and your heart has been drained.
But you're eyes have been newly trained.
And the roof is invisible now,
It's incredible how you were ever blind.
Now you will always find

Rooms are connected,
Eyes are perfected,
Hey now now hey now now you can see.

Something you shouldn't be ,
Something suddenly free,
What will happen now?
If the eyes are too strong,
The horizon's too long.
I can see I can see,
But mama says it's wrong.

In the night I'll lose it.
It's not right but I'll use it.
I can see I can see.

As my lungs fill with air,
The whole world is laid bare,
What will happen to me?
The warning says you can see
You will forever riddle.


sometimes, when i am out in nature, i mean the real thick of it, i like exclaim things.


walk walk walk

climb to the top of a rock

puff out my chest


veeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyy cheesy i know.

at any rate, i got to do this today, and i reminded me how much i enjoy doing this. it really helps you hone right in on the heart of things, clear your head, and get back to work.

cascade canyon

slowly walking balancing talking
yellow darkpurple red limegreen
water bridge stones stories
naturalists endowments bathing
talking sitting wading
laying posing exclaiming
light dark shadows

hike is here.

Body Poetry II. / 2010

Body Poetry II. / 2010, originally uploaded by nynewe.

i recently got a heart tattoo on my heart. i love this version too.

somethings in the water these days

getting coffee this morning at united, i met eyes with GORGEOUS older man. it was EXHILIRATING.
when he was standing next to me i froze. and then had to tell myself to CHILL.
after getting my coffee, he wished me a great day and i wished him one back and he was all THANKSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS.................

it was the hottest way to start my day. holy shit its been a great week so far.

so i have no apprehension in saying that spring is here people. LOVE IS IN THE AIR! ENJOY.

birthday wishlist

like totally sick.

ipod case from the company that made my 1st ipod case 8 years ago. i think i want that coral/orange color.

camo pants 4 the weekends rolled up with dress shoes, worn-out shirt & jean jacket? i have a vision people.

red monkey camera strap. havent decided the color yet.

point reyes hoops @ gravel & gold

maryam nassir zadeh

so gentle

morning after

i am hot mess today. it happens. last night was a really fun photoshoot in the city and so a lot of fun ensued. and then a whole bunch of fun things later, and 1 morning after, i was sitting in my car praising mr. white YET AGAIN, for saying it best in "i'm bound to pack it up" :

i've thought about it for a while
and i've thought about the many miles
but i think it's time that i'm going away

the feelings that you've had for me
have gone away, it's plain to see
and it looks to me that your pulling away

i'm gonna pick it up
i'm gonna pick it up today
i'm bound to pack it up
i'm bound to pack it up and go away

i find it hard to say to you
that this is what i have to do
but there is no way that i'm gonna stay

there's so many things you need to know
and i want to tell you before i go
but its hard to think of just what to say

i'm gonna pick it up
i'm gonna pick it up today
i'm bound to pack it up
i'm bound to pack it up and go away

i'm sorry to leave you all alone
you're sitting silent by the phone
but we've always known there would come a day

the bus is warm and softly lit
and a hundred people ride on it
i guess i'm just another running away

i'm gonna pick it up
i'm gonna pick it up today
i'm bound to pack it up
i'm bound to pack it up and go away

oh yeah-ah-yeah

ginolina & dean-o

I was so high on food & drink last night after leaving Bistro Ginolina on B Street in San Rafael!

I like to go to restaurants, knowing the dish I want, walk in, and say "i came here for _______" and then i get ________. So last night, I was trolling Marin for MUSSELS. mmmmmmmmmmm. What a dream to have a french place in Marin that serves all you can eat Moulles Y Frites, RIGHT?? not happening. So anyway, in I walked to Ginolina. Immediately the owner grabs my hand, and gives it a kiss. I tell him I want MUSSELS and i told him I wanted to sit in the corner and he was SHOCKED that i was by myself. i of course, was not shocked, and was actually a little TICKLED to be so.

1 ferrari fume glass & 28 mussels later, i had licked the platter clean (using the table bread).

elation. skipping. spinning.
light years away from electronics.
it made me think about my summer in italy.
wine oozing out of my pores
friends free. walking cobblestone. love.
basics - tomatoes! lemons! olive oil.
fruitti di regazzi.

oh - back to sitting there, on a wednesday night in san rafael.

i was offered cafe, and espresso, tiramisu, blah blah.
i waltzed back to my miata.
what does miata mean? for a japanese company, it sure does sound italian!
miata - Make. It. A. Topless. Afternoon.

once i got into my car, all i wanted to do was BELT dean martin.

i recently watched the movie MOSTLY MARTHA - it was delightful. there is a scene where the man in the kitchen says of dean martin's voice "he really puts feeling into it" or something like that. i totally agreed with the comment, and thought i'd round out that whole sequence by having my own special dean-o moment.

so the end of my story is me, dean-o, the miata, and a belly full of mussels rolling home so happy and skippy, feeling life is back in order.

miata top & men

i've typed it before, i'll type it again - i really love working with men. they are all so individually attentive.

i have a miata with a rear window that works like a flap - it can zip up on rainy days, and i keep it zipped down on cold, dry days when its too cold for top down, but too sunny for zip up. make sense?

every time it is zipped down, a different male coworker approaches me during the day to ask me if my miata top is OK. i explain that everything is normal, etc.

i have had the miata about 6 months now, and honestly can tell you that every man in this dealership knows about my miata top, because they approached me and asked me about it.

none of the women even notice. and the gay guy doesn't count. i love men.