i just finished watching the tv show freaks & geeks.

1. my little brother geo was told to watch the show also, and i think its funny that we both discovered the show at the exact same time.

2. characters in order of which i liked them starting with my favorite:
the little brother
high school counsellor
lindsay's parents

3. my favorite part of the show, or the part that i identify with the most was a conversation between lindsay & millie. they are discussing why lindsay is hanging out with the "freaks". lindsay's response is typical lindsay - she shrugs and says idunno, and then she reflects on the crowd, and says "you know, they don't really inspire me." i feel that way OFTEN. i mean, who doesn't like a little inspiration. right? so i've been thinking about that and thinking about that, and now its carrying into my life and i'm working on hanging out more with people that INSPIRE me. or doing things that INSPIRE me. i'm pretty sure thats some kind of key to something.

and thats what i got out of freaks & geeks.

breaking upwards

this is sweet & interesting. i think i'm more into trailers these days.

Breaking Upwards Movie Trailer from Breaking Upwards on Vimeo.

sunday supper

well. did you know that there is a website called bon appetempt, where they attempt (and consume) bon appetit recipes? so fun.

so i attempted to tackle the column "sunday suppers" in bon appetit's april 2010 issue. i was debating between this, and a yummy-looking kale lasagne in the issue, but after reading the editors note about her memories of sunday suppers with her family, i was swayed.

The recipe was Chipotle Roast Chicken Tacos.

with Poblano Potatoe & Corn Gratin:

new-to-me trick - sliding my hands in-between the breast & skin of the chicken. i was nervous at first, but my brother walked me through.

other thing i havent quite mastered - gravy. my roommate walked me through that one.

overall thoughts:
this meal was a little heavy for my standards. The gravy was greasy, and I would have made the gratin with a lighter cream base; -maybe a ricotta cheese instead of mozarella. i would probably not add this recipe to the rotation of meals, but it sure was fun to make! and most importantly, it sure was fun to entertain & make other people happy. i am curious to see what they have in store for the reader in next months "sunday suppers" column.


awesome miata picture

, originally uploaded by Andreas Reinhold.

this car photographer is amazing.

going green

i'm a little bit happy about it raining all week. i want the hills to stay green as long as possible. i am not quite ready to let that go. its such a treat when they are green. sure, the golden hills are nice too, but the green hills are........ special. alive. fruitful? vibrant. wet. bright. and well, GREEN.


spring 3, originally uploaded by olya.ivanova.

this is a great example of how to rock a red beret.


DoItAgain- QOTSA

I fall over and over and over over, oh, I want you
I get in, I get in, I get in, you're the only one I'm into
You and me
Fit so tight
I go lower and lower and lower lower livin easy
I don't know, I don't know how long I got till it's over
You and me
Fit so tight

Can you do it again
Do it again
Do it again
Can you do it again

All the way, all the way, all the way, there's no where left we can be
I'm into what you do but I lead you nowhere
You and me
Fit so tight
All we need
Is one more time

Can you do it again
Do it again
Do it again
Can you do it again

Only get to live one life
Won't pretend you're only mine
Where will you go when we all fall away

So do it again
Do it again


is there a key to avoiding misfortune?


there are parts of this that look painful and amazing. i'm looking forward to seeing this.

Tiny Furniture Trailer from Lena Dunham on Vimeo.

a way to test psychics

make a pact with your lover that whomever dies first, finds a medium, and tells them the secret password or poem, and has the medium repeat it back to you.

this is the most perfect way to test psychic powers.

plus, it would be so romantic picking out the message or poem to memorize together, right?

random pics i liked this week

all images (C) cobrasnake

torn curtain

this hitchcock was quite possibly in the top 5 for me. i loved the relationship. i did have a problem with julie andrews in the roll, but it really wasn't that big of a problem.

favorite scene - green room - position of bodies - looked like a sketch.

favorite sound scene - being followed in the museum scene.


after asking marnie to the horse tracks:
marnie: do you like horses?
sean connery: not at all.

fashionable weekend paris edition

Friday - work is hosting a Bach event that goes into the evening.

Saturday morning coffee & stop by Canal to pick up bag of oranges from your guy Francisco.

Kyuss reunion at the Independent.

Watering flowers, making french toast Sunday AM.

Farmers Market @ Civic Center

Salon to get hair & nails done for Oscar Party.

Oscar Night @ the Rafael

Monday Morning - back to the grind.

Car in The Birds

well in my quest to watch every hitchcock in sequential order, i am finally at THE BIRDS. comment? awesome! gory! cool car! i love tippy hedron's lips! tippy hedron kind of looks like paris hilton, no?

the car melanie* drives is an Aston Martin DB2 - drop head coupe. The car was unfortunately TOTALLED, so no longer exists i guess. what a shame.

*tippy hedron plays melanie. tippy hedron is melanie griffiths mother. interesting fact, no?

new continuing dream

i'm pretty sure this is the 2nd time i've had this dream.

i'm hanging out with trailer trash friends. we are all drinking. someone in the group dies - i happen to be there. there is a guy and a girl and they both decide to hide the body in a closet in the house where we are partying. the house belongs to an old boss of mine who harbors ill-will towards me.

this happens a second time, but this time they take the body to the water and bury it at sea - with no one knowing.

one day, i was hanging out at the house, and look up, and see the first body, still rotting in the closet. i feel all of this horror and guilt, and try to get the people back to the house to remove the first body. i wake up before the dream is resolved.

this dream could mean a lot of different things. the main part of it being the same thing that my other re-occuring dream meant - hiding something. i wonder what i am hiding tho? last weekend i told my 2 deepest darkest secrets to mia, and i'm fine with them. i don't harbor them as evil anymore. so i wonder what this is all about.

personal goals

i've decided i want to be a cross of khloe kardashian, and maggie gyllenhaal.

fave pics of the moment from

fave pics of the moment from

happy to be march

i'm a little bit happy and relieved that february is over. the month started with a down, but ended quite splendidly.

what i learned in february:

-i am a non-smoker
-la is not where i should be living right now.
-1 bedroom apartments are within my reach.
-a lot about taxes
-hitchcock was a romantic
-if you stop going to the gym, the fat comes back.
-heartbreaks fade.
-tattoo hearts are fun
-ecstacy is overrated
-i am not that into strangers with candy, or animal collective
-facebook is annoying me
-women rule the world
-undereye makeup & primer can do a lot for a complexion.
-i have urban style