i have an etsy

all this talk about money made me get crackin' this weekend on setting up a site that sells my prints!

i will also be selling funky knit hats as i see fit.

so count me in on the etsy gig. i tried to look for a different print site, but i also wanted to sell my knit hats, so etsy is the best forum for that.

i'd LOOOVE to have hellodeer as my etsy, but someone else took that... so for now, i am aneezy.



elspeth diedrix

i love her use of light. & i like that her site is clean & goes back to 1995.

from her 2006 pics
website here.

killing & suicides

so, osama bin laden has been smoked out of his hole & killed. whew.

do you feel "safer" ?  do you feel "free-er?"  do you feel american pride?

more importantly -

does this mean all of our troops can come home now?

the suicide rates amongst returned veterans are rising- here is an article on congress.org - 20% of the suicides last year were returned troops - here is the article.

i was going to start reading about this courageous effort of the "murder inc." guys & how they smoked osama out of his hole - but as i started reading - i thought: "i wonder how many of these troops are OK to return home & actually have normal lives now"?

it would be a nice idea to think troop johnny is on his way home to get his gold star, kiss his pretty wife, park his car in his garage & play jenga with his kids.