Dotteddogthis is right after i got himDay 1Day 11st dip in the grrrrreat pacific!
pawsfeetthis is my new dog ROWDY
Rowdy & I go to Bolinashttp://www.hellodeer.com85 pounds of passionhe likes to drive

rowdy, a set on Flickr.

I have decided to put my dog rowdy down on the weekend of the 19th of January. Because he has arthritis in his back hips, he is more pain than him or I car to experience. Seeing him fall breaks me into pieces - and he deserves a dignified ending. He was a good dog - some might say one of the best. Here are a bunch of pictures of his life with me. In chronological order.

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Jim E. said...

I'm so sorry for you, Anise. That's a tough call, but you know when it's right. All good thoughts your way.